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Our Facility & Technology 


Our office is conveniently located in downtown Martinsville, NJ. We are equipped with the latest dental technology to provide our patients with the benefits of the modern dental materials and technology. Our skilled dentist and caring staff have the training and equipment to diagnose and treat any oral problem or disease. We also work closely with local specialists and lab technicians for the best possible outcome for our patients. We treat every patient as a whole person and strive to make them comfortable and confident about the care they receive.


  • Digital X-rays - Our office employs digital x-ray technology, which decreases radiation as much as 90 percent compared to traditional film-based radiography for your safety. Dr. Park will review high-resolution x-rays on the screen with you during your initial appointment. 

  • 3-D Imaging  - Dental CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) machine is available on-site to help us diagnose hidden dental problems and is used for 3-D surgical planning of implants. 

  • Intraoral Trios Scanner - For your comfort, at Park Dental, we utilize the latest digital intraoral scanner, which enable us to accurately take impression or "mold" of your mouth for new crowns and bridges and implant surgical planning. 

  • Dental Microscope - Dr. Park will employ the available dental operating microscope (DOM) and high magnification loupes to look at your dental problems in great detail (8X-20X magnification) to diagnose hidden fractures and cracks in your tooth or existing fillings. He will also use the microscope for restorative procedures as well root canal treatments for minimally invasive treatments for long-term outcome. 

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