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Financial and Insurance

Important notice to our patients as of May, 2022

We have been in-network with various dental insurance companies for years and had hoped to remain in-network. However, it has been increasingly difficult to work as an in-network practice while maintaining a high standard of care for all our patients. After much deliberation, we have decided to end our preferred provider status with the insurance companies effective May 2022.

We will continue to accept your insurance; however, we will do so as an out-of-network provider. 

In addition, we will always help secure all the insurance benefits that you do have.  Please give us an email or a call if you have any questions regarding your dental insurance. 


We accept cash, checks, debit, and credit cards (VISA/MasterCard/Discover). 


It is our goal to inform our patients so there are no billing surprises at the end of any completed treatments. We will work our best to verify your insurance coverage before treatments and your out-of-pocket expenses, where applicable. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any billing or insurance coverage questions. 

Please bring your card and insurance information with you to each visit so that we can make sure our records stay current. As a courtesy to you, we will file and track all claims and provide postage for special claims. Please remember that your insurance policy is a contract between your employer, your insurance company, and you, and that you are responsible for the payment of all professional fees, regardless of the extent of insurance coverage.

It is important to make definite financial arrangements before any treatment is performed. This will enable both you and our office manager to know what your financial responsibility will be. Payment is always due at the time of service.

To learn more about any of our financial and payment options, we welcome you to call or visit our dental office in Martinsville, NJ.

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